WG Opens Restaurant In Historic Charleston

What do you get when you combine the talents of a Russian model/local owner of a construction company with a jewelry designer/Clemson Engineer? Upon the collaboration of these two professional women and the perfect chandelier, Carmella's Cafe located at 198 East Bay Street was created.

With patience and joy, Olga Blandford and Kayla Nelson, of Warrick Group, transformed the vacant office building into the gorgeous eatery that it is today. The owners of Carmella's moved quickly to secure the building after searching for the perfect downtown space for a couple of years. Although the interior was uninspired, Olga and Kayla immediately saw the potential that was hidden beneath sheetrock, carpet and a drop ceiling. "We stripped away the layers, down to the original bones, to reclaim the beauty of this former cotton processing site." reflects Kayla.

Varying and diverse opinions on style eventually melded into the modern, comfortable and useable space that is now Carmella's Cafe. "The chandelier became the focal point for the design." Olga shares. This one piece effortlessly ties old world and new world together, and brings this beautiful family-oriented cafe to life.

Carmella's Cafe opened in August 2014. The cafe offers something for everyone. Gourmet pastries, gelato, pizza, panini, dessert cocktails, assorted meats and cheeses as well as an eclectic selection of wines.